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Maximizing Impact Through Video

Multichannel Video Ad Placement

When we say video, we mean all video ad placements across these channels.

Linear TV

Linear and cable television still makes up 50% of all US viewing.

Live sports and events are dominantly watched through this medium.

Connected TV


Viewers who watch Smart TV through a connected device like Firestick or AppleTV.

Roku has a 53% market share with Samsung at 16% and Amazon at 11%.

Over the Top


OTT is the delivery of online video content via any device.

This is often used interchangeably to describe streaming platforms like Hulu, Peacock+ and CTV.

Online Video


OLV is any video ad seen online through a website or mobile app.

This can be 5 to 60 second pre-roll, during content or embedded into articles or display media.

Video Ad Spend is Growing Exponentially

By 2026 we’re projected to spend close to $100bn on video ads in the US, in addition to $58bn in linear TV ad spend.


Custom Built ML and AI Models

Statistica, Feb 2024


US TV & CTV Ad Spend

eMarketer, March 2023

A number of macro trends are driving the shift in media allocation to video dominant channels


Privacy Regulations

Government and platform restrictions on how consumer data is collected and leveraged continues to force brands to find alternative ways to identify, target and understand the behavior of potential consumers.


Targeting and Measurement Challenges

Privacy regulations alongside emerging tech has resulted in 3P cookie deprecation creating a need for measurable solutions.


Evolution of Consumer Viewing Habits

Diversification of content creation and pricing models continues to see more viewers turn to streaming and online video as their viewing platform of choice.

Nielsen, Feb 2024

As a result video advertising models are quickly evolving to provide brands with new ways to engage customers

Streaming apps and publishers are currently engaged in a race to secure market share and optimize both advertising and subscription revenues, driving them to explore various multi-revenue models. Among the dominant models being experimented with are FAST (free ad-supported TV), AVOD (advertising video on demand), and SVOD (subscription video on demand).

Brands expanding their channel mix to include more video will have major advantages

Improved Targeting

Leverage the unique targeting options that video platforms, publishers and DSPs provide.

Additional Reach

Ensure you reach new, high intent audiences.

Lower Marginal Customer Acquisition Cost

Allocate dollars more effectively based on performance.

Revenue Growth

Greater reach, advanced targeting, and improved engagement ultimately delivers more sales.

4 Pillars Central to Successful Video Campaigns


Audience Targeting

Juice Audience Builder finds the highest intent audiences for our partners by leveraging our own household graph, partner and third party data.


Pricing Power

Our industry leading approach to inventory management provides partners with CPMs 20-40% lower than market.


AI Measurement & Optimization

Proprietary AI and ML attribution and optimization products expedite our learning curve and ability to scale a partner’s business.


Experienced Operating Team

We are a marketing partner. We are not an agency that waits for a weekly check in to get direction. We know the operational and organizational discipline required to succeed.

We bring strategies to target, retarget, and optimize through the entire funnel.

Our team is dedicated to optimizing the utilization of video across the marketing funnel, ensuring that every media dollar invested delivers maximum impact for brands. By strategically integrating video content at every stage of the customer journey, from awareness to conversion, we aim to amplify brand messaging and drive meaningful engagement.

Delivering Real Results

Delivering tangible outcomes for brands that integrate digital video into their traditional linear campaigns is paramount in today's advertising landscape. By blending the power of digital video with traditional linear strategies, brands can effectively extend their reach and engagement with audiences across multiple platforms. This integration enables brands to capitalize on the strengths of both mediums, leveraging the precision targeting and interactivity of digital video while maintaining the broad reach and impact of linear campaigns.

How Juice customers have benefited from integrated video campaigns

Customer 1

Top Online Marketplace


Acquire new customers


70% CPA reduction
50% growth in target audience

Customer 2

Big Communications


Improve brand awareness, reach new audiences


39% increase in incremental lift
8% increase in brand awareness

Customer 3

Prescription Savings


Maintain efficiency while driving awareness


20% above goal for conversions
9% increase in brand awareness

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